Kenya National Qualifications Authority


The Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) is established under the KNQF Act No 22 of 2014 and KNQF Regulations of 2018 to coordinate and harmonize education, training and assessment and quality assurance of all qualifications awarded in the country, with the goal of improving quality and international comparability and realize lifelong learning. The Authority defines the various qualifications offered in the country, and the inter-relationships between them, and creates International comparability.

NAQIMS (National Qualifications Information Management System) is a system for automating processes related to Registration of QAIs as well as accreditation of qualifications awarded by QAIs. For more details please click here

The NAQIMS is a system for accrediting qualifications awarding institutions, registering of qualifications and creation of learner’s database. Through the system the following three services can be accessed

Qualification Awarding Institutions (QAI)


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Register Qualifications awarded by your institution to learners.


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Register learners for accreditated qualifications awarded by your institution.


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